Location consultancy

Locations Management

The experience of our Team is not limited only to the “customer side” events, but extends in a much deeper way, even in the structured and commercial management of the entire collaborative chain .

Among this we find the management of Villas and Locations for events , to which we give particular importance and prominence.

Choosing the right location for your event is essential. It will be the setting for the whole event.

But our commitment starts long before managing customer-location needs. It starts from commercial maximization, with precise commercial and marketing initiatives , aimed at bringing together as many customers as possible, in compliance with local logistics.

  • Location consultancy for events

  • Structuring of marketing and social marketing initiatives to maximize opportunities

  • Customer recruitment strategies

  • Development of opportunities with extension to our entire collaborative supply chain

  • Commercial customer management

  • Inspections with customers

  • Strategic Cobranding

  • Presence Marketing for the advertising of Locations in trade fairs and sector events

  • Social Media Managing

  • Supplier logistics management

  • Management of Insurance Policies for any damage to property or content

  • Management of cleaning and sanitization, in accordance with the law, of the environments, both initial and final

  • Rental of interior and exterior furniture and equipment

  • Customer classification and reporting, for marketing analysis

  • Shared agenda management for reservations, changes

  • Management of options and waivers

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