About us

Since 2008, we leave a “gaping” all of our customers.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wedding, a private event or a corporate event.

Our devotion to the event will be total.

Every event represents a challange that we face every day, with passion, professionalism and creativity.

These are the ingredients for a refined and never predictable event.

We will realize your event, with the awareness that a magic alchemy lives in the details, capable of making you live a poem.

Our devotion to the event will be total.


Our social commitment is always attentive and present, as well as being morally obliged.
We provide our support, on an ongoing basis, in the hope of being able to contribute to the countless social needs, which never before require the social and collective commitment of all.

In addition to the regular donations that involve us regularly, we continually try to identify non-profit organizations of national and international importance, to which we can allocate funds, which we hope can contribute, in their small way, to the support to which they are addressed.

Whatever kind of support you can provide, large or small, you too contribute to making someone’s life as valuable as yours.

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